Additional Protection & Security

Case Linings & Vacuum Sealed Foil Bags

  • Bitumen paper, polythene or blue woven plastic lining
  • Foil bags – recommended for protecting goods from oxygen ingress and moisture, aggressive gases, odour transfer and extremes in temperature
  • Custom-made to suit the size of any product then vacuum sealed with silica gel

Case Linings and Vacuum Sealed Foil Bags 01
Case Linings and Vacuum Sealed Foil Bags 02
Case Linings and Vacuum Sealed Foil Bags 03

Foam Lining & Inserts

  • White Polylam  – Recommended for highly valuable and fragile goods at high risk of damage in transit through vibrations or movement
  • Anti-static foam inserts and lining
    Ideal for: Items containing electronic components to reduce static build-up, offers extra protection in transit
  • LD45 Plastazote foam – 100% chemically inert foam, meaning low risk of chemicals contaminating the goods
    Ideal for: Delicate artwork, aerospace parts and M.O.D. equipment
  • All foam lining is available in 12mm, 25mm, 50mm, 75mm or 100mm thickness
  • Foam inserts – Our foam can be cut or CNC’d to make bespoke inserts and corner blocks, or machined to fit the exact shape and size of your product, offering maximum protection and ensuring products stay fixed in place throughout transportation

Felt Lined Timber Battens and Ply Dividers 01
Felt Lined Timber Battens and Ply Dividers 02
Felt Lined Timber Battens and Ply Dividers 03

Felt Lined Timber Battens and Ply Dividers

  • Felt lined battens are a cost-effective way of securing your product in place and eliminating risk of movement whilst in transit. Particularly recommended for machinery or equipment that is light, top heavy or on castor wheels
  • Plywood dividers or shelves can be fixed in to your case to separate and secure different items inside. Particularly useful if you want to keep machine parts and fixings separate from the main equipment or when shipping several different item types in one box

Felt Lined Timber Battens and Ply Dividers 01
Felt Lined Timber Battens and Ply Dividers 02


  • In-house computerised stencil cutter – allowing fast, accurate and consistent stencilling
  • Advertise and enhance your company brand with our personalised logo stencils, available in black, blue or red ink
  • Health and safety stencilling available as standard. Helps reduce risk of your consignment being mistreated during handling throughout transit. Highly recommended for fragile, high value items
  • All of our cases are HT stamped to show compliance with worldwide ISPM15 regulations, giving you peace of mind that your goods will reach their destination safely and reducing the risk of additional shipping charges being applied

Stencilling 01

Tilt and Shock Indicators

  • Tilt indicators detect and record unacceptable tilting on goods that must remain upright. When these indicators are used, the product cannot be tipped without indisputable evidence of mishandling
  • Tilt indicators turn red if the package it is affixed to is tilted past 80° or is completely up-ended. However, it remains unaffected by movement due to normal handling conditions
  • A Shock-Watch impact indicator is a highly-visible device that will activate when an impact level exceeds a predetermined level. Mounted on a packaging container, the device visually alerts everyone involved in the package handling process that additional care is required

Tilt and Shock Indicators 01

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